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Carpet Flooring and Style Information

Carpet style sets the mood of any room. Are you looking for warm and cozy plush or bright and airy shag? What about a formal room with deep richness in color? Are you carpeting a high traffic office or a bedroom? With so many design questions to answer, at least today’s technology is making carpet an easy choice as a worthy investment with stain and soil resistant, sustainable, and carpet with revolutionary new fiber for durability. USA Flooring has over thirty years of expertise in carpet flooring and design. Contact a store near you to speak with one of our flooring professionals. And don’t forget to ask about creative patterns and textured design options! Ask one of our specialists about flooring installation.

Berber Carpet | Everyday Durable

Beige Berber CarpetThe most popular loop pile carpet, Berber is perfect for high traffic areas in any home or business. Tightly woven loops provide the strong barrier against dirt and stains, yet this unassuming carpet generates a warm, personal atmosphere. Usually made with a pattern of light and dark colors, Berber is best at hiding stains that get into even the best cared-for carpet. Whether you’re carpeting the stairs in your bustling family home, or expanding your business into a 5,200 square foot office space, Berber offers durability with distinction.

Frieze (Shag) Carpet | Casual Comfort

White Shag CarpetFor a light springy feel underfoot, frieze carpet is sure to make you happy. With its twisted fibers that actually curl over, frieze is both durable and elegant. Shag is soft, cozy and luxurious, and comes in a variety of textures and lengths. For a more modern, casual and entertaining carpet, try a long cut pile frieze providing more depth and movement than the average carpet. Perfect for guest rooms, children’s bedrooms, and family rooms. Great at hiding vacuum lines and footprints.

Patterned Carpet | Textured Designs

Mint Green Patterned CarpetWhether you’re designing a formal classic ambiance or a causal contemporary atmosphere, patterned carpet is timeless. Maybe you’re not looking for a soft and bold color combination, but you still want a patterned design. For this, there are two types of textured carpet: cut pile and, cut and loop. Cut pile is twisted differently than plush carpet and then steamed to create a permanent curl. This look evokes a casual, cool atmosphere. Cut and loop textured carpet varies in loop and cut height, creating dramatic visuals as if the carpet was sculpted.

Plush Carpet | Formal Elegance

Beige Plush CarpetOften referred to as Saxony, plush is the softest carpet style available. Each pile is cut evenly to create a velvet surface that cradles your feet while walking—and it shows. Plush carpet is known for leaving traces of footprints and vacuum lines. Perfect for those more intimate settings of the bedroom, formal living room, and den. For whole-house carpet, try textured plush for its versatility and softness. It complements every room in the home and doesn’t leave the distinct vacuum lines.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Everything looks fantastic! Fidel’s team did a great job.
– Jill F., Chapel Hill – Mohawk Silk Carpet

Good workers, excellent communication, easy to work with.
– Leo S., Chapel Hill – Patterned Carpet

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